Saving... the moment

23 Jan 2015

My wife and I wanted to create a time line of our children as they grow up. The idea being that when they come of age, they can go back and experience all the events through our eyes. The first solution that came to mind was to create a blog online or a paper journal.

Journal or Blog?

Writing in a journal or a blog is hard. You don't want it to be too short but at the same time you want to produce a quality post. Another requirement for us was that the posts had to be private. We ultimately decided that neither a blog nor journal would work for us.


Email, that is something my wife and I use every day, is on our phones; along with a camera and our pictures. I created an email account for each one of my kids. Having individual accounts makes it easier to manage and a lot more personal.

Pro tip: do not forget to save the password in a safe location that you will be able to access as you probably will not remember it, I know I didn't.

Now that your email account(s) are setup, start emailing!

Example email

Composing an email inside GMail iOS App.