Integrating with the Nest thermostat

26 Dec 2015

I recently wanted to integrate my powered alarm system with my Nest thermostat. What I wanted to happen is whenever someone arms or disarms the alarm system, the Nest 'Home' state would also update to match. When I disarm the alarm, the Nest’s ‘Home’ state would be set to Home. After doing some research online, the closest solution I could find was to use IFTTT. However, this required me to give IFTTT access to my gmail account. Also, this solution did not actually change the state of the Nest but just the temperature. Plus, it was not a very nerdy solution.

The solution I came up with was to use AWS Lambda to glue together and my Nest Thermostat. I will be updating this post in the near future with steps I took to set this up.

alert flow