RIPE Atlas Probe v3

When I arrived home the other day my wife asked me if I was expecting a package, I responded with no. After opening the package, I realized it was the RIPE Atlas Probe v3 I had applied to host nearly two months ago.

Setup was straightforward, I logged into the RIPE Atlas account and registered the probe. I plugged in the USB and Ethernet cables into my router and waited. It took about an hour for me to start seeing measurements on the site.

If you have an extra port on your router/switch, I would definitely recommend becoming a host.

Included in packaging

atlas probe v3

Atlas Probe Web Site

atlas probe information page

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StarCom "ssl_error_unknown_ca_alert" error

I have been having trouble logging into the StarCom control panel using Mozilla FireFox. After some digging, I was able to find a bug report and StarCom forum post from other users reporting the same issue. The following steps fixed the issue up for me.

Steps to fix:

removing all 'Software Security Device's under node 'StartCom Ltd.', which is accessible in the tree view at Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Certificates->View Certificates->Authorities at node 'StartCom Ltd.'

Source: Bugzilla@Mozilla

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Hello World


I just started the process of configuring my static blog. Hopefully more content will come soon.

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